Our company

Our mission

Wasabi Analytics' mission is very simple: improve internet's quality for users.
Improving the lives of users involves enabling them to fulfil their objectives: read, purchase, get information or be entertained. If users fulfil their objectives by going to your site, you can fulfil yours.

The life of the agency

The team

  • Antoine

    Antoine Touzot

    Digital Analytics Consultant

    Antoine, Digital Analytics Consultant

    Antoine grew up surrounded by tech.
    His passion for innovation and entrepreneurshipled him to drive his studies on digital, joining the ranks of the “School of the Internet”, HETIC.

    During his studies he joined start-ups in a wide range of different areas (FinTech, personal finances etc.) to focus on marketing and acquisition.

    Once graduated, he chose to join Wasabi in order to dive into Analytics, and data-driven processes.

    At Wasabi, he wants to encourage innovation in the projects he's in charge.

  • Éric

    Éric Steimer

    Digital Analytics Consultant

    Éric, Digital Analytics Consultant

    After having spent several years consulting corporations within the strategic marketing field, Eric wanted to reach back to operational level while he met Wasabi Analytics. Convinced and passionate about the paradigm shift enacted by Digital, Eric supports these revolutions focusing on the accuracy of data (definition, relevance, reliability).

    Eric has Master's degrees both from a general engineering and a business school. His multiple grade experience enables him to provide a "360° view" to fuel and solve the business issues he faces for his clients.

    Internet addict since the very beginning, it is the green, yet spicy taste of Wasabi that won him over.
    Greatness, as well!

  • Georges

    Georges Arnould

    Technical Director & Associate

    Georges, Technical Director & Associate

    Georges has managed web development teams since 1998 and has extensive technical experience from hosting to the design of heavily distributed application architecture.

    Georges helps our consultants and Wasabi Analytics' clients with any of the subjects that require technical expertise. In his past, for example, Georges managed the development of a search engine called “Voilà” and created weather portals for France Télévision.

  • Julien

    Julien Zanni

    Digital Analytics Consultant

    Julien, Digital Analytics Consultant

    From start-ups in the music industry to an MBA in Asia, Julien cut his teeth on the web not to leave it since. Avid online shopper, joining Wasabi was a great opportunity to contribute to your wellbeing on the web!

    Since 2011, Julien has been working as a digital analytics consultant and has been involved in the implementation of dozens of projects.

  • Malick

    Malick Ba

    Digital Analytics Consultant

    Malick, Digital Analytics Consultant

    Malick spent four years working in a web agency as a project manager and web analyst. This experience helped him gain a good understanding of on-site traffic and the different web content platforms (websites, social media etc.).

    By joining us, he is refocusing on the evaluation of on-site data and the understanding of the conversion process.

    A fan of video games, he won’t hesitate to challenge you to a "quite" friendly game :)

  • Ophélie

    Ophélie Micoine

    Digital Analytics Consultant

    Ophélie, Digital Analytics Consultant

    Ophélie comes from a cognitive sciences training and spent four years working at an ergonomics agency. Her interest in the statistical behaviour analysis of websites drew her to Wasabi Analytics.

    She now works on all of the phases of web analysis from KPI definition to analysis and ergonomic design. She particularly cares to web analytics implementation in adequation with Wasabi Analytics clients business.

  • Sébastien

    Sébastien Manaches


    Sébastien, Founder

    Before creating Wasabi Analytics, Sébastien was launched into entrepreneurship at a very early age with two music labels in 1992 (Distortion) and 1994 (Oxalis, dedicated to vinyl).

    Then after graduating with a postgraduate degree in management and finance, he wasn't able to resist the call of something new: the web in the 1990s. He became a Surfer at Yahoo! and then associate producer.

    This was followed by his third experience of entrepreneurship in 2003 (the Politburo Café), then he resumed his studies to solidify his management skills (DECF). In the same period, Sébatien played bass guitar around the world with Colder.

    Then Google appeared in his life. First as an adword maximizer, Sébastien then took charge of Google Analytics when launched in France in 2006. The entrepreneurial and digital side were then fused in 2009 when Wasabi Analytics was created, with Sébastien involved in all of operations.

    He is also the co-author of the Pearson editions of the Google Analytics book.

  • Simon

    Simon Leyendecker

    Developer (intern)

    Simon, Developer (intern)

    Simon is a young IT developer. He joined Wasabi on an internship during his studies (Epitech).

    Trying is buying! After his first experience in the field of enterprise at Wasabi, Simon has returned to us for nine months and a new project.

    Being a huge sports and popular culture fan, Simon brings his freshness and good mood to the rest of the team

  • How about you? What are you doing in the next few years?

    We are regularly looking for new talent.

    If you want to get involved in web analysis or pursue your expertise in this area, please let us know that you're interested.