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    Optimising conversion

    We help you to continuously optimise your conversion rates by identifying new drivers of growth and by activating these using market personalisation solutions such as Frosmo, AB Tasty and soon Google Optimize 360.

    A site for every segment of visitors

    In order to adapt the suitability of your digital pathway to each of your visitors, we will analyse your data, identify the behaviours and modify the user experience on the fly (without any intervention from your technical team).

    Each experience is measured and the impact on your operations is priced.

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    • EditisEditis trusted us

      Wasabi Analytics' team quickly understood how to integrate the specific KPIs into our activity and linked them with the best practice of web analysis through comprehensive support: audit, recommendations and team training. This makes them a highly valuable partner for our web activities.

      — Yannick LE BOUQUIN, Internet Director and e-CRM EDITIS Education
    • SmartboxSmartbox trusted us

      Wasabi Analytics' team have an extremely high level of expertise, professionalism and knowledge about the issues of e-commerce, so their support and their collaboration is particularly high quality. Together, we improved the control of our data on a day-to-day level and developed a web analysis tool which enables us to optimise our customer experiences. Wasabi Analytics is a key partner for our e-commerce performance.

      — Guillemette Osburg, Director of e-Commerce, Smartbox France
    • SoneparSonepar trusted us

      Convinced of the necessity to implement the KPIs on our websites, Wasabi Analytics rapidly drew on its expertise to tackle our problems. Now, thanks to the specific facts and precise analysis, we have also been able to define an appropriate road map to redesign our commercial platform. This work will also enable us to improveour sites using factual and not so intuitive criteria.

      — Thibault Montlahuc
      Sonepar France Interservices, E-Business Manager
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    Dashboards ready for consumption

    We construct your dashboards using Bento Analytics, Google Sheets or Excel so that they can be updated with a single click in the time it takes to have a coffee.

    Bento Analytics, on all devices

    When you need to broadcast your dashboard 24/7, we propose the use of our Saas solution Bento Analytics, enabling multi-source dashboards to be designed and updated (Google Analytics, Back-Office, AdWords, Twitter & Facebook, etc.), on mobile, tablet and desktop.

    Bento Analytics enables you to combine data over your various information systems and external sources to create information which is enriched and fully accessible from anywhere.

    Let’s discuss it
    • Pompes funèbres généralesPompes funèbres générales trusted us

      We engaged Wasabi Analytics to optimise our monitoring tools. Their expertise in web analytics, their methodology and their technical support were hugely valuable to us. It was a significant bonus that it was a human-scale team who were highly available and very responsive.

      — Simon Dizengremel, Head of Web Marketing Projects
    • Le Coq SportifLe Coq Sportif trusted us

      Optimal listening quality, precise analysis and wise advice enabled us to re-evaluate our data.

      — Guillaume Bongibault, Digital Program Manager
    • Châteaux & Hôtels CollectionChâteaux & Hôtels Collection trusted us

      The complexity of the problem we faced didn't scare the experts at Wasabi Analytics! Quite the contrary, they demystified some of the elements for us.
      We are now in a position to talk about our figures and make sense of them. Well done to the team.

      — Guillaume BONGIBAULT, Director of Information Systems
    • ForcoForco trusted us

      Wasabi Analytics' team were able to provide us with their technical expertise and support us with the control of the tool while adapting it to our needs. A the end of the training session we left with personalised dashboards ready to be put into practice with the company. Qualities: availability, professionalism, listening.

      — Marina Bossard, Technical Advisor
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    Analysis and recommendations

    The challenge here is to transform the data into information and then to convert that information into knowledge so that knowledge can ultimately be turned into the basis for action.

    Data and reports don’t provide much information. The value resides in the analysis which is carried out to provide specific insights for a decision.

    The analysis extends into the recommendations we make to let you focus on your objectives.

    Combined with your business knowledge, we are also able to help you bring the spark of knowledge so you can achieve your goals.

    Let's exchange on this subject
    • Abritel Home AwayAbritel Home Away trusted us

      Wasabi Analytics worked with our team to evaluate the data collected using Google Analytics Premium. We are benefiting from this fantastic solution which has had a huge impact on our activity. Rare expertise!

      — Cyrille Coiffet, Vice President for France
    • ARTEARTE trusted us

      Good listeners, great responsiveness and a real spirit of synthesis with appropriate recommendations and key targets.

      — Élise Mercier, Technical Manager
    • ExpertissimExpertissim trusted us

      Our problem and the ROI objectives were perfectly understood and taken into account by the commercial team, and this combined with the rapid and efficient implementation of the project enabled us to optimise our analytics in record time. We would highly recommend Wasabi Analytics for their skills and their performance.

      — Aymeric Philipon, Head of Marketing
    • Vacances DirectesVacances Directes trusted us

      During the redesign process of Vacances Directes' commercial website, Wasabi Analytics was able to demonstrate a strong ability to respond and adapt to deliver relevant advice in a field which is constantly evolving. Congratulations to Sébastian and his team.

      — Jacques MASSON, General Manager
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    Implementation and

    We build your web analytics platform on your entire perimeter (sites, applications, back-office, etc.), enabling you to have the figures you need to manage your digital activities at any time.

    The cornerstone of your entire company

    All of the Digital Analytics approaches are based on data collected in a rich and perfectly viable manner.

    In order to respond to this essential need for the development of a "data driven” approach, we have been carrying out extremely robust implementation processes for more than 7 years enriched by your back-office and/or by your CRM enabling the provision of informative and actionable professional KPIs.

    From the specification of the professional and digital KPIs you need to the delivery of your Digital Analytics platform adapted to the different professions in your structure (acquisition, merchandising, etc.), we intervene at each level of deployment, supporting your IT team with the implementation of tag management and tagging plans and verifying each piece of data collected in minute detail.

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    • FFFFFF trusted us

      Wasabi helped us with the installation, the advanced settings and the implementation of Google Analytics for 130 sites (federation, leagues and districts). The service was provided in just a few weeks.

      — Thibaud Flajolet, Animation Service Manager
    • The Other StoreThe Other Store trusted us

      Wasabi Analytics plays its role as a consultancy firm perfectly - it provides added value to the teams in place. I find availability, seriousness and efficiency to be the key elements of Wasabi. The contacts are also very high level and manage to make web analysis easy to understand for all of the professions at The Other Store.

      — Mickael Pynson, Chief Operating Officer
    • WeekendeskWeekendesk trusted us

      Thanks to their training on Google Tag Manager, our technical team was able to put in place this tag container without any difficulty and without any loss of data. Effective and highly available, Wasabi Analytics has been the ideal partner for this complex and risky subject. We would highly recommend them!

      — Xavier De Rosamel, SEO & SEM Manager
    • Attractive WorldAttractive World trusted us

      We have a great deal of appreciation for the work Wasabi Analytics does. Their various contributors are extremely competent, professional and very responsive to any questions. Throughout the implementation phase, they proved their availability, ability to meet deadlines and training skills with our team, never hesitating to share their knowledge. A big thank you to the whole team.

      — Pauline Tourneur, General Manager

You are looking for another service and would like some support...

  • Redesign of a site or application

    The period during which a digital asset is redesigned is also often the point at which you redesign your Analytics implementation: there is a need for new KPIs and more detailed segmentation, the collection of new interactions with your clients and the implementation of tag management system. Wasabi Analytics helps you to benefit from this stage to design and provide you with a « user centric » data basis to respond to the needs of the coming years.

    Before the implementation of this new version of your digital asset, we can also help you to see your clients’ expectations clearly by analysing your collected data. From the actual use of provided features to the list of encountered problems, we can provide you with indicators which enable you to prioritise the stages of your new project and to arbitrate within these priorities.

  • Implementation bugs, discrepancies in “eCommerce” Digital Analytics/back-office.

    While it is perfectly fine for there to be small deviations (less than 5%) between the eCommerce data from your back-office and those from your Analytics solution, such a situation should not develop significantly: this also robs you of perennial KPIs and their history (conversion rate, volume of business etc.). You and your team will come to doubt all of the site centric metrics you have.

    Therefore and in the event of significant differences between your « site centric » data and information from other sources, you need to understand these discrepancies and to analyse them so you can ultimately correct them or assume them.

    Tell us your concerns and we will find a solution which will restore the confidence you have in your data.

  • Collection perimeter and tracking plan growth

    Your digital platforms will develop with new sections and features, and your requirement for information will also develop with a greater “data” maturity in the team. Data collection is never frozen, it must develop with you and your profession.

    Whether it is a new functionality you’re proposing or an existing one that you wish to analyse in greater detail, don't hesitate to tell us about the development of your tracking plan.

  • Ad hoc analysis

    Are you about to make a decision on a subject and the right answer is lurking in your « user centric » data?

    - Should we replace self-promotion on the homepage with a block of reassurance?
    - Would it be more effective to allow “guest mode purchase” without account creation?
    - Would your conversion rate increase significantly by reducing forms in your checkout pages?

    Let us carry out an ad hoc analysis of the issue and you can make your decisions with complete peace of mind.

  • Audits and training sessions

    From the workshop to the provision of support and individual Google Analytics certification, we offer you a transfer of knowledge adapted to your needs.

    Get in touch with us and tell us what you need.

  • Management of your acquisition tags (tagmastering)

    The management of the tags on your site requires particular attention: deploying them correctly and ensuring that they function well guarantees you reliable data collection, fair KPIs and the opportunity to make marketing decisions with full awareness of the situation.

    If your projects involve the use of new tags and you do not have the ability to do this in house, let our tagmasters manage that for you and your operations will not be obstructed!

  • Support for your marketing and IT teams

    Throughout the year, you regularly have little, one-off requirements from Digital Analytics (a statistic, a little ad hoc report, a correction to the tracking plan, a last minute revenue report).

    Contact our team of consultants to benefit from our expertise: your ask your questions via email or telephone and we will take charge of the issue, no matter how small, until you have the response you need.

  • Production of reports

    Do you urgently need a full analysis report for a meeting, to clarify a behavioural mystery or to validate an ergonomic hypothesis?

    Stay focused on your professional issues and let us produce the document you need. Processing « site centric » data is part of our day-to-day work and we will provide you with a reliable, verified document very quickly.

  • Part-time interim

    Has the work to be done on Digital Analytics now become a significant need but you have not yet recruited somebody to manage this?

    Entrust us this work in the meantime: we manage these tasks on a day-to-day basis and will carry out a full handover when your new recruit joins you!

Partners and certifications

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Certified Partner
  • Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller
  • Google Tag Manager Certified Partner
  • AB Tasty
  • Advalo
  • AT Internet
  • comScore
  • Eulerian
  • Frosmo
  • Mixpanel
  • Tagcommander
  • Tealium
  • Webtrekk