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Client testimonials

  • Fastbooking

    Fastbooking trusted us

    The team at Wasabi Analytics are professional and very responsive. In just a few days they were able to analyse our system and they helped us to find a simple and effective solution. Their involvement enabled us to save time and respond rapidly to the needs of our clients.

    — Juan Berdah, Senior Product Manager
  • Smartbox

    Smartbox trusted us

    Wasabi Analytics' team have an extremely high level of expertise, professionalism and knowledge about the issues of e-commerce, so their support and their collaboration is particularly high quality. Together, we improved the control of our data on a day-to-day level and developed a web analysis tool which enables us to optimise our customer experiences. Wasabi Analytics is a key partner for our e-commerce performance.

    — Guillemette Osburg, Director of e-Commerce, Smartbox France
  • Sonepar

    Sonepar trusted us

    Convinced of the necessity to implement the KPIs on our websites, Wasabi Analytics rapidly drew on its expertise to tackle our problems. Now, thanks to the specific facts and precise analysis, we have also been able to define an appropriate road map to redesign our commercial platform. This work will also enable us to improveour sites using factual and not so intuitive criteria.

    — Thibault Montlahuc
    Sonepar France Interservices, E-Business Manager
  • OJD

    OJD trusted us

    OJD is in charge of controlling the media traffic and in this particularly complex environment it was obvious to me that I needed to surround myself with the best experts. This is why I called on the services of Wasabi Analytics, experts in the analysis of site-centric data, Wasabi Analytics' team responded perfectly to all of my questions and met all deadlines, thank you. I would not hesitate to engage them again on other projects.

    — Jean-Paul Dietsch, New Media Manager
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